Giving Back

Thanksgiving embodies the spirit of generosity, a time when communities come together to celebrate gratitude and extend a helping hand to those in need. It goes beyond sharing a meal; it's a profound expression of empathy and kindness, a testament to the inherent goodness within us. During this season, people from all walks of life are inspired to give back, not just to their immediate families but to the broader community.

This sentiment resonates profoundly through the endeavors of the Lowell Festival Foundation. Since 1996, the Foundation and the leadership of the Lowell Folk Festival has been nurturing a tradition of giving back through an important scholarship program, providing a beacon of hope for countless aspiring students.

With a mission rooted in the celebration of diverse cultures, scholarships are awarded to students who selflessly volunteer in the global food booths during the festival. These dedicated students are nominated for these scholarships by the very chairs of the booths they serve, making it a testament to their invaluable contributions. Recipients of these scholarships come from various cultural backgrounds, including Armenian, Irish, NAACP, Polish, Filipino, Mideastern, Burmese, Laotian, and African communities, many recent immigrants, or first-generation Americans included.

Thirty students have been fortunate enough to receive these scholarships, traditionally valued at $500, embarking on educational journeys as varied as the cultural groups they represent. The colleges attended by these scholars are diverse in size, location, and popular perception, showcasing the richness of academic pursuits that the foundation supports. In 2022 the Foundation was able to award not just one but two $500 scholarships, as well as two $250 scholarships, one to a high school senior who is now pursuing higher education at Middlesex Community College and the other to an adult student in her fifties, passionately studying nursing at North Shore Community College.

Thank-you notes from these recipients stand as powerful testimonies to the transformative power of these scholarships, highlighting their profound importance in shaping futures. These scholarships are not merely financial aids; they are beacons of hope, embodiments of generosity, and catalysts for change. Each scholarship, carefully designated in memory of someone or in honor of festival supporting partners, encapsulates a legacy of giving, echoing the festival's commitment to the community.

So, this Thanksgiving, embrace the spirit of the giving season by supporting the Lowell Folk Festival. Your donation keeps cherished traditions alive, nurturing educational dreams and fostering cultural understanding. Pledge your support today and be a part of shaping brighter futures for deserving students, one scholarship at a time. You can donate HERE.