Monthly Support

In these last few days of giving we hope that you will join us and step into the heart of cultural celebration with the Lowell Folk Fest's "Chorus of Change" monthly subscription. Not every donation needs to be major to make an impact on the work that we are doing. The Folk Festival is a grand tapestry meticulously woven throughout the year, bringing together diverse traditions, melodies, and stories. Much like the festival's intricate planning, our commitment to positive change requires continuous support. As we gear up for the upcoming festival, we invite you to be a key player in our symphony of giving. Your monthly contributions, ranging from $5 to $20, serve as the backbone of our initiatives.

The festival is a celebration of cultural exchange, and your support ensures that this spirit extends far beyond the event itself. This campaign is about transforming lives through community initiatives. Picture each monthly gift as a building single note, creating a powerful crescendo of change that echoes beyond the festival grounds.

We've seen the impact of collective efforts, and now, we invite you to be part of this ongoing melody of impact. Join the "Chorus of Change" and help us compose a harmonious future for our community. Your small monthly gifts will lead to significant and lasting transformations, enriching lives, fostering unity, and harmonizing our community. The festival may only last a weekend, but the change we create is enduring.