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Gastronomical! Food for every palate at Lowell Folk Festival

35 years of cuisines from around the world at 3-day event

LOWELL — Last year, Delphina Acha ran out of food in the Cameroonian tent on JFK Plaza, next to City Hall on Arcand Drive. This year, she’s ready to feed festivalgoers some of her specialty dishes such as canda stew and grilled salmon over the entire three-day event.

“JFK Plaza is a busy spot,” she said by phone on Wednesday, as she ran around picking up last-minute items for the festival’s opening on Friday. “Our most popular dish is canda stew, which is cow skin with tomato sauce. People really enjoy that.”

The stew simmers on site in 100-quart pots set on propane burners, which Acha occasionally stirs with a large slotted spoon.

Besides music, the Lowell Folk Festival is known for its variety of food offerings. This year’s tagline is “Food From Around the World,” and some of the vendors include traditional Cameroonian, Liberian, Greek, Filipino, Polish, Brazilian, Jamaican, Burmese, Middle Eastern and Asian food.