Talk/demonstration sessions are an integral part of our festivals - NCTA - National Council for the Traditional Arts


Talk/demonstration sessions are an integral part of our festivals—gain new perspectives on the cultural practices of the artists in the festival program, and listen to them explore the similarities and differences with members of other cultural communities.

At this year’s Lowell Folk Festival, explore:

To the Beat: Conversations in Rhythm—featuring Jason Samuels Smith and Bernard Linette, Mouhamadou Sarr (Sona Jobarteh), and Sohail Karimi

Rites of String: Lisbon to Lviv—featuring Sona Jobarteh, Angelo Freire and Bernardo Saldanha (Sara Correia), and Igor Iachimciuc (Cheres)

Guitar Slingers: Swing, Blues, Steel—featuring Whit Smith (Hot Club of Cowtown), Fran Grace, and Melody Angel

Fiddling Around (the World)—featuring Liz Carroll (Trian), Elana James (Hot Club of Cowtown), Valeri Glava (Cheres), and Tim Laughlin (Springfield Exit)

Songs of Longing, Loss, and Love—featuring Ahmad Fanoos, Linda Lay (Springfield Exit), and Sara Correia

From the Opry to Soul Train: Rockabilly and R&B Troubadours—featuring Chuck Mead and Fred Thomas

All Boxed In— featuring Billy McComiskey (Trian), Victor Cebotari (Cheres), Drew Simon (T’Monde), and Sandy Theodorou (REVMA)

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