2019 Foodways: Fish & Fowl

Lucy Larcom Park Folklife Area, Saturday & Sunday, Noon-5 p.m.

Curated & moderated by Millie Rahn, folklorist

Courtesy Commonwealth of Massachusetts, State House Art Commission

From the Sacred Cod hanging in the Massachusetts State House as a symbol of our maritime heritage to backyard breeds like the Plymouth Rock chicken, the Bay State’s bounteous foodstuffs have long been adopted by native and immigrant cultures. Some birds, like the symbolic eagle on top of Lowell’s City Hall, are protected species. Others like those on coastal and inland waterways and fowl in farmyards become food, as do saltwater and freshwater fish This year’s foodways demonstrations echo the work by traditional crafts artisans. Hear family stories and taste cherished recipes from home cooks adapted to the region. Wampanoag wild rice and fish salad, Mumbai Indian fish curry, and Greek plaki, a baked fish and vegetable dish, feature finfish. Chicken dishes adapted from West African roots of African-American cultures and everyone’s go-to get-better food–Jewish chicken soup–round out the samples. Join us for a taste of tradition.


Saturday & Sunday, Noon-5pm, Lucy Larcom Park

Noon: West African chicken stew – Charles Coe

1:00pm Asian Indian fish curry – Swati Chalke

2:00pm Greek fish plaki – Eleni Zohdi

3:00pm Wampanoag wild rice & fish salad – Patricia James-Perry

4:00pm Hungarian Jewish chicken soup – Frankie Lieberman



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