Help us Keep the LOWELL Folk Festival FREE!

Let’s raise $30,000 for the 30th Anniversary Lowell Folk Festival

The Lowell Folk Festival is one of the largest FREE folk festivals in the US, attracting as many as 150,000 attendees each year. The event features three days of traditional music, dance, craft demonstrations, street parades, dance parties, a family activity area, and ethnic foods. All of this takes place in the historic footprint of downtown Lowell.  Since the first festival in 1987, organizers have doggedly held fast to the original grass-roots, access-for-all philosophy, and so the festival has retained its unique and distinctive atmosphere – all for FREE!  This crowdfunding campaign aims to preserve the quality and diversity that the Festival has so passionately embraced over the years. If you have ever attended, you know what we are talking about.

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Why is the Lowell Folk Festival so important?

This much-loved event is a perennial summer favorite for thousands of individuals and families looking for free entertainment. The event captures the diversity and historical significance of Lowell, and the imagination of local residents and tourists from around the world. The spirit of the weekend has been characterized as having the power to make us all feel part of something bigger than ourselves, while nurturing a true sense of community. 

Approximately 540 music performers, 450 folk craft and multi-cultural food vendors and close to 5,000,000 attendees have been welcomed to the Festival over the past 29 years. While the financial benefit to the Greater Lowell economy has been estimated at $5 million per festival weekend, the opportunities for residents to work or volunteer, promote cultural tourism, and develop a sense of civic pride are immeasurable…but this year, we need your support


Why are we asking for your help now?

The Lowell Folk Festival is also one of the longest running FREE festival in the US, and we intend on keeping it that way. Since the beginning, it has been organized, planned and orchestrated primarily by a small team of dedicated volunteers who invest thousands of hours each year to produce this $1,000,000 event. As the years have progressed, the Festival has grown, and the costs of producing a large-scale event increase while new costs emerge. We rely entirely on sponsorships, grant funding, and individual donations. Just imagine if every adult in the crowd donated $10…..

Will you help us raise $30,000?

Your support will help us to maintain the quality and diversity that the Lowell Folk Festival so passionately embraces. In return, we have reward incentives to say thanks for supporting this amazing community event. After all, we would be nothing without your continued support. Check out these Limited Edition, Limited Quantity 30th Anniversary items currently available  (click on photos below to enlarge):

Donate Now

Summer Essentials shortThis crowdfunding campaign Lunch Totewill go a long way toward ensuring that the 30th Anniversary of Lowell Folk Festival is a huge success. Your Thank You gift can be picked up at the 2016 Folk Festival, BUT ONLY IF YOU DONATE BY MIDNIGHT ON JULY 26TH!

Please take a look, pledge your support and then tell everyone, post links to the campaign on social media, phone your friends, send an email to everyone you know, heck – get a megaphone and shout it from the rooftops. Lowell Folk Festival needs your help, so check out the campaign. Thank You!

For questions, please contact or call 978-275-1718