2018 Lowell Folk Festival Foodways | Flatbreads: Plain & Fancy

Lucy Larcom Park Folklife Area, Saturday & Sunday, Noon-5 p.m.

Curated & moderated by folklorist Millie Rahn.

Whether you call them lavash, tortillas, naan, hoe cakes, ployes, matzo, lefse, johnnycakes, or something else, flatbreads are found in many cultures. Almost all are made with flour, water, and salt, then shaped into flattened dough, heated or baked, and served with sweet or savory toppings or stuffings, or used to scoop up other foods. Watch home cooks assemble a recipe while sharing family stories and taking about how they’ve adapted their flatbread traditions over time and place. Sample the finished fare. And be sure to catch the noon demonstrations where you might try your hand at flipping crepes with a Franco teacher from Lowell High School.


Noon: Franco crepes – Jeannine Ameduri

1:00pm Lithuanian pancakes – Irena Malasauskas

2:00pm Greek hortopita – Eleni Zohdi

3:00pm Asian Indian flatbread – Swati Chalke

4:00pm Penobscot frybread – Nicholas Bear

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